Chiang Mai – First Impressions

Looking out the plane window as I approached Chiang Mai my first impression was tropical, structured farmland as far as I could see and immediately I thought of fresh pawpaw, bananas, mangoes and other delicious memories of my childhood in North Queensland. There was so much beauty and serenity in the luscious green farms and as we descended, everything looked tropical and colourful. The taxi drive from the airport was through streets displaying an array of colours and plants. The Pink frangipani flowers, the depth of colours of the Bougainvillea, the unique orchids all amazed and delighted my senses. Though I have travelled often, I was still feeling apprehensive as well as excited about arriving in Chiang Mai. We had been planning this trip for a short time and now we were here and have started another chapter in our life and travels.
We have been in Chiang Mai just three weeks and already I have realised how kind everyone is. The locals are hard-working, happy and funny and nothing is too much trouble for them. A real estate agent we had been communicating with for a few weeks demonstrated this to us by providing exceptional service in our search for a condominium – over two days, she drove us to look at various properties and she knew exactly what we were looking for. It never ceases to amaze me how we always settle on the first option yet still insist on viewing as many options as possible. On the day we were to move from the hotel to the condo, our agent again showed her kindness and arrived in her boss’s 4×4 ute to help us move – that is impressive. Even the security guard at the condo was obliging and assisted with suitcases.

The grounds and swimming pool at the complex are so beautiful and calming. Everyday I watch staff care for the garden with such respect and gentleness. The lush green buffalo grass is another childhood memory though here it is green and thriving. The gardens are hand watered every day which is a very time consuming task but it is undertaken so lovingly. The Jasmine vines provide a sweet perfume whilst creating a sense of cooling against the concrete wall. The garden in the centre of the pool not only provides much needed shade but also beautiful frangipani flowers to float with me in the cool water.
People are so kind – the stranger in the pool who made the effort to welcome us; the taxi driver leaning on the back of his vehicle who offered to help with directions when it was apparent that we needed help. This is just the start of living in Chiang Mai.


I am a great believer in natural health and healing and am constantly reminded of the ability that our bodies and minds have to heal. I am passionate about organic products and endeavour to use them in my daily life. Being a conservationist, I am concerned about the future of our planet. I am an advocate for world peace, equal rights for all and animal welfare. My hobbies include reading, writing, travel and engaging with people from all cultures and lifestyles. I strive to commit to daily exercise and most days I succeed and think that an occasional treat such as a small ice-cream or chocolate is perfectly fine. Family and friends are what I value most in life and I pride myself on my dedication and loyalty.

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