Possessions (4) – the challenges


We are now living in a 5th floor 30 sq. metre 1 bedroom condominium in Chiang Mai Thailand which was fully furnished and equipped when we moved in. When we first inspected this condo, we initially thought it was too small for us and over the next couple of days, inspected many other properties throughout the city. Somehow, we were drawn to this unit and after the second inspection, decided this is where we wanted to live. It is a small amount of space, Continue reading “Possessions (4) – the challenges”

Possessions (3) – from Caravan to Coat Hangers

It would be three months before we could move from our caravan to a house during a major housing shortage in Perth during the summer of 2012.We had been working and travelling across Australia for several years and  when we arrived in Perth after crossing the Nullabor Plain from east to west, Continue reading “Possessions (3) – from Caravan to Coat Hangers”

The Tree House


IMG_0235 [518694]
Dreamcaught – Tree House
As I was walking out of our local shopping centre with my husband, we passed another man about to enter the shopping centre and as he held the door open for us we said “Thank You” – Korp kun” and were so surprised Continue reading “The Tree House”

Margaret Who?

I was the only person using the  in-house gym this morning and was enjoying the quietness and solitude. As I just finished a set of weights, a local lady arrived and greeted me  “Sawatdee ka” and I returned her greeting. She then introduced herself and said “my name is Noi” to which I replied “my name is Margaret”.

Immediately I recognised that look Continue reading “Margaret Who?”