Have a Laugh

One positive aspect of our visit to Vientiane, the capital of Laos, was to discover that there are no coins in the currency. Research had told us to be prepared for a larger than normal number of notes in our wallets as AUD$1.00 = $6,225 KIP! We thought it would be a simple Continue reading “Have a Laugh”

Season of Change

Early Spring is my favourite time of the year as it symbolises change, new growth, sunshine, freshness and awakening.

We were married on the first day of Spring; my niece Kasey, my husband Greg and brother Mick were born in September; my marriage and family are the pivotal point of my life. I recall a Friday evening in the spring Continue reading “Season of Change”


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Life with a Difference


Daily Festival at Central Festival Chiang Mai

imageJust a short five-minute walk from where I live is the largest shopping mall in Chiang Mai, Thailand – Central Festival. There is a dedicated lane way for residents from our condominium block  to access the plaza which comprises Central Department Store occupying five floors of the building together with hundreds of international brand name shops and numerous stalls operated by local Thai people. It could be located in any city in the world as it is Continue reading “Daily Festival at Central Festival Chiang Mai”