Devote every day to World Peace

It was mid morning when I looked at my Facebook page and glanced at a message reminding me that it was International Day of Peace.  My focus then shifted to reading and responding to emails and my daily routine of writing, researching and pondering articles for Continue reading “Devote every day to World Peace”

Thai Traditional Complementary Medicine

Hot, herbal infused, tightly rolled towels are being pressed into my spine, legs and arms at the end of my 90 minute massage and just when I think  it has ended, I am asked to sit up and to my surprise, I feel my neck and head being manipulated and moved. Today, I am at Continue reading “Thai Traditional Complementary Medicine”

Orientation program for Volunteers

“Hi, my name is Tony and I am here ’cause my dog died.” It was January 1996 when I heard those words Continue reading “Orientation program for Volunteers”

Remove and reconsider words to enable love

Words are being added, modified and revised in dictionaries as language evolves and changes in keeping up with trends, fashion, social media, the food we eat and technology. Progress and change are important for growth and it is vital that we adapt and convert to new language especially in our professional life. A fundamental requirement for healthy growth involves Continue reading “Remove and reconsider words to enable love”