Lanna Celebration

Warm sunshine and clear blue skies graced the afternoon as the crowd gathered for the celebration, a Contemporary Lanna Cocktail Party.  Lanna is usually associated with Northern Thai traditions, customs and cultures.  The word Lanna literally translates to “a million rice fields” and refers to the agriculture region encompassing the Golden Triangle area of Thailand, Laos and Myanmar. The celebration was the grand opening ceremony of the new  building for the award-winning Effective Foreign Languages School in Chiang Mai.


Celebrations also recognised the recent accreditation for the school – TQUK (Training Qualifications UK) – Inspire – Achieve – Succeed.image

The entrance and car park to the school had been transformed into a traditional Lanna Market with an abundance of food and drink  prepared and served  by locals in Lanna dress. Ya Dong (herbal whisky) was a new surprise to my palate and I was later informed that it was the herbs that left my mouth parched and dry; however the chilled sparkling wine served for a toast was a refreshing reprieve from the afternoon heat.




Local businesses, colleagues, professional associations and friends had given gifts of congratulations including stunning floral arrangements and soon the reception and office areas were surrounded by  an array of colour and beauty.  I was in awe at the mottled hues, textures and markings of the purple orchids. A basket filled with deep red roses surrounded by baby’s breath also delighted my senses.


Children entertained us with song; staff showcased their talent joining the musician in song while three-year old Nittaya  danced until dusk, smiling and having so much fun.


The warm hospitality and generosity of Ying and John Quinn was outstanding. Their staff cheerfully welcomed guests to the celebration and together with Ying and John had worked tirelessly preparing for this significant event in the school’s history.  It was an opportunity to socialise with classmates, teachers, staff and to meet new  acquaintances.


Tiano in Lanna costume



SEE TEFL – Siamese Educational Experience  -Teach English as a Foreign Language

EFL Learning Centre – Chiang Mai





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