Remove and reconsider words to enable love

Words are being added, modified and revised in dictionaries as language evolves and changes in keeping up with trends, fashion, social media, the food we eat and technology. Progress and change are important for growth and it is vital that we adapt and convert to new language especially in our professional life. A fundamental requirement for healthy growth involves Continue reading “Remove and reconsider words to enable love”

Have a Laugh

One positive aspect of our visit to Vientiane, the capital of Laos, was to discover that there are no coins in the currency. Research had told us to be prepared for a larger than normal number of notes in our wallets as AUD$1.00 = $6,225 KIP! We thought it would be a simple Continue reading “Have a Laugh”

About me

I am an excellent speed typist with an amazing attention to detail. Sometimes I think I should have been a forensic detective.

I have a sound understanding of the English language and will admit at being annoyed when I see grammatical and spelling errors especially when using homophones such as stationery and stationary.

When communicating with people who speak English as a second or third language I am considerate, patient and kind. I have had opportunities to work with people from many cultures including Korean, Vietnamese, South Africans, Chinese, Thai, Filipinos and Aboriginal Australians.

I enjoy travelling to new places and countries that I have not been to before.

I like to exercise at the start of my day.

I am loyal and caring and have so many special friends. My family is the most important focus of my life.

I love talking and I love life.