Possessions (3) – from Caravan to Coat Hangers

It would be three months before we could move from our caravan to a house during a major housing shortage in Perth during the summer of 2012.We had been working and travelling across Australia for several years and  when we arrived in Perth after crossing the Nullabor Plain from east to west, Continue reading “Possessions (3) – from Caravan to Coat Hangers”

About EastWing Lifestyle

The name EastWing has been an integral part of my life for the past 25 years and now in 2016, it has evolved to become EastWing LifestyleLife with a Difference.

In the early 1990’s, we completed an extension to our home. It was self-contained, comfortable accommodation to the east side of our house so that we could welcome family and friends to holiday and stay with us at our beach location, Yeppoon, on the east coast of Queensland. In fun, we referred to the area as the east wing and soon the name was permanently associated with this new part of our home. On my 40th birthday, my sister Mary and her family presented me with Continue reading “About EastWing Lifestyle”

Thailand – The people

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Songthaew (red taxi)

There are many reasons why people choose to live in Thailand – some are attracted to the low cost of living; others are here for family; many like the lifestyle, the beaches, the mountains, the culture and some are here for work. During the past 12 weeks since my arrival in Chiang Mai, I have spent my days observing and pondering and realise that for me, the beauty of Thailand is Continue reading “Thailand – The people”