Outside the Box

It took some time for me to contemplate the logo  I wanted for my blog and eventually I decided on the theme “outside the box”.  I often feel that I am “outside the box” as my life has been  different from a traditional, mainstream life firstly as a young adult and secondly when married. On so many occasions when required to complete a document or form by ticking the appropriate box, I struggle to tick any of the boxes as the box I would choose Continue reading “Outside the Box”

Margaret Who?

I was the only person using the  in-house gym this morning and was enjoying the quietness and solitude. As I just finished a set of weights, a local lady arrived and greeted me  “Sawatdee ka” and I returned her greeting. She then introduced herself and said “my name is Noi” to which I replied “my name is Margaret”.

Immediately I recognised that look Continue reading “Margaret Who?”