Colours of Harmony

Tiny little birds fluttering in the trees enthusiastically attempting to reach the impossible higher branches are contented to perch on a lower branch. The return of these birds announces the beginning of Continue reading “Colours of Harmony”

My Christmas Window

Wake up. Time to get up.  It is the middle of the night and I’m sleeping. Wake up. Why? The light in my bedroom has been turned on and I hear my mother’s voice calling me. Drifting, trying so hard to wake up, I am confused, then suddenly I remember   – Continue reading “My Christmas Window”

Devote every day to World Peace

It was mid morning when I looked at my Facebook page and glanced at a message reminding me that it was International Day of Peace.  My focus then shifted to reading and responding to emails and my daily routine of writing, researching and pondering articles for Continue reading “Devote every day to World Peace”